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Who's A Candidate?

We all know someone who can use a helping hand. Someone who's always giving back and putting themselves last.

The Feel The Love program aims to help people -- people in need of that helping hand and who deserve a "thank you" for their commitment and service, whether in our military or within their community or family.

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Who is a candidate?
How do we choose

How Do We Choose?

Finalists are based on a variety of criteria, including the need for new heating or cooling equipment and the recipient's current situation (as shared in the personal story).

Preference is often given for any hardships like physical, mental, or social disabilities; financial challenges; job loss; military service; community servive; and more. All finalists and their homes must meet the qualificaion criteria shown in the program terms and conditions.

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These local business owners and employees are your neighbors, and they’re committed to keeping your community strong. Give them the opportunity to serve your heating and air conditioning needs.

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Your efforts will warm the home and hearts of the family you’re serving, and we promise...

You’ll Feel The Love, too.

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