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Lennox Heat Up

Our Roots

In 2009, Lennox's Wisconsin sales team created the idea for a program that would engage Lennox dealers and employees in a local partnership with their communities to nominate deserving families in need of a helping hand — specifically those needing a new furnace — prior to the start of the cold weather season. They appropriately named the program Heat UP.

Lives Changed

Lives Changed

Since the program began, Lennox has provided more than 850 furnaces to families in need - this comes to a $4 million investment. Including donations of thermostats, installations, parts and supplies, and labor, this comes to a $3.8 million investment by Lennox and Lennox dealers to bring comfort and safety to residents in their communities.

Feel The Love

Becoming Feel The Love

At Lennox we’re all about bringing comfort to those we serve. In 2018, we are rebranding the program to Feel The Love to embody the true spirit of our mission and make it a company-wide initiative. We’ll be bringing Feel The Love Day to select locations in the U.S. and Canada this year and working hard to expand even further in the future!

We can’t wait to keep spreading love and helping our neighbors. Follow us on Facebook and check back often to see what’s coming next.

Through the Years

Feel The Love History